Meet our Rehab Team

 DawnenDawnen Knoefler, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant & Wellness Coordinator

 “I love the moment patients
they can do it . . . .
when they see
that this isn’t
the end of the road,
but the
beginning of their recovery.”

Dawnen works closely with each patient, their family, and rehab team members in ensuring therapy goals can be carried out. Dawnen shares that residents appreciate when their therapy plan meets them “at their level,”allowing them to succeed at their rehab goals.  Dawnen is also responsible for bringing group exercise classes and wellness programming to all residents at the Odd Fellows Home.  Those receiving rehab services can also benefit from these classes in addition to their regular therapy schedule.  Dawnen enjoys the quality time she gets to spend with each resident and is thankful for a job that allows her to help people in need. Dawnen states, “the smallest thing can makes someone’s day. I feel it’s important to go the extra mile to make their stay as comfortable and successful as possible.”

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