Playing Boccé is a great way to be outdoors, hang with your team mates, get a little exercise and enjoy a little friendly competition.  At the Odd Fellows Home, we take our Boccé seriously.  We play on a regulation court with a crushed oyster shell bed.  Meticulously groomed, our court and spectator area are the centerpiece of the front lawn.
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Boccé Rules:
 Your team can play with 3 to 8 players.
 New residents and employees can join teams at any time.
 If the palino hits the back wall, it’s a do-over by the other team.
 If the team ball hits the back wall it’s out.
 If the team ball and palino are touching at the end of the round, it’s worth 2 points.  This will be measured by the width of a dollar bill.
10:00 game will end at 10:30 no matter the score
10:35 game will end at 11:05 no matter the score.
If tied at the end of a final round, one throw will be done by each team to determine the winner.

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