Endowment & Donations

Laying a Foundation for a Brighter Tomorrow

A gift to the Washington Odd Fellows Home Endowment Fund lays the foundation for a brighter tomorrow for all residents. Your gift is held in perpetuity and carefully managed for long term growth. Income generated from the fund is used to improve the quality of resident life.

Join us as we strive to strengthen our foundation and maintain a rich environment for our residents.

Endowment Projects:

  • 2020: completed a remodel of the Assisted Living dining room
  • 2016 bought a new wheelchair bus
  • 2015: HD projectors and movie screens
  • 2014: beautification & improvements to the living environment
  • 2013: beautification & improvements to the living environment
  • 2012: patios, chairs & fountain
  • 2011: remodel The Courtyard Gift Shop
  • 2010: computerized CareTracker system
  • 2009: remodel the Bella Bella salon
  • 2008: bought a new wheelchair van
  • 2007: created a kitchen for residents
  • 2006: installed fountains on the grounds
  • 2005: bought a new wheelchair van

Giving Opportunities

The Washington Odd Fellows Home welcomes gifts of all types. Cash gifts are an ideal way to give to the Endowment Fund. Donors may also wish to use a planned gift, a gift that is promised now and realized at a future date. Planned gifts offer many ways to save on taxes and may provide donors with increased income, depending on the type of gift. These gifts may include:

· Bequests
· Securities
· Real estate
· Personal property
· Testamentary gifts
· Life insurance policies
· Trusts

Memorial Gifts

Your Memorial Gift pays a thoughtful tribute to the memory of a resident, friend or loved one. When a Memorial Gift is received, the Endowment Fund promptly sends an acknowledgement to the donor.


A bequest through a will is a marvelous way to leave a legacy. Bequests of all amounts are welcomed, can be designated for a specific purpose, and made for a specific amount of an individual’s estate.

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